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Recent Nominees

Mrs. Goins

Teacher / Raisinville Elementary

Mrs. Goins is a second grade teacher at Raisinville Elementary. She is a phenomenal teacher. She recently had a baby and still made sure her students were doing great while out on maternity leave she even brought her baby into class to meet her school family. She could really use a vacation day to relax.

Victoria Baker

Special Education Teacher

Victoria Baker works with children with learning disabilities and other disabilities. They age from kindergarten to third grade. She works hard to keep things interesting and is always looking for ways to get us interested. She makes us believe in ourselves. She lets us know that we can do anything we put our mind to. Mrs. Baker has been working with children with disabilities for 22 years. I think she needs to be Educator of the Week.

Vanessa Trajovski

English Teacher / Laurus Academy

I am a special education teacher at Laurus Academy in Southfield, MI. I would like to nominate Vanessa Trajavski for Educator of the Week. She is an 8th grade English teacher and Cross-Country Coach. The reason I am nominating Mrs. T is because she is very kind, considerate, and is very connected to her students. She puts a lot of thought into each class that she has and differentiates instruction so that each class can be successful. She not only is amazing in the classroom but she is always planning field trips and after school events to keep the kids engaged. She puts her all into the students everyday an then goes home to four of her own boys and her husband. She is an amazing teacher, coworker, mother and wife.

Mona Hojaij

3rd Grade Teacher / MAYA School

Mona is a wonderful 3rd grade teacher who pushes each of her students to go beyond the norm and strive for excellence. She is creative, well prepared, and motivated to make learning about them and not the scores. We need more of her around.

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